The best way to divorce in Indiana

Divorce if you have a  child (children)

If the parting spouses have a joint, minor child or several children, then the divorce proceedings will take place in court.

The initiator of the divorce must apply to the court, pay the state duty and provide a complete set of documents that are required to start the divorce case. List of materials needed:

•    a copy of the passport of the spouse initiating the divorce;

•    marriage certificate;

•    certificate or certified copy of the birth certificate of the child;

•    receipt of payment of state duty;

•    completed application form.

The presented set of documents is only suitable in a situation where the initiator of the divorce process does not put forward any more requirements for the former spouse. If the case concerns other additional court decisions, for example, the recovery of alimony, which will be used for the maintenance of young children, then the initiator needs to attach other documents to the application. These include a certificate confirming the financial condition, as well as a declaration of family composition, proving that minor children live with one of the spouses.

Joint ownership

There are cases that the issue with children during a divorce is resolved peacefully, but at the same time, there is a question about the division of property. And it is not always the parting spouses can divide the property without claims and disputes. If you have joint ownership, then you need to clearly understand what rights you have on it, and what rights your spouse has. Only in this way, you will understand what share of property you can claim.

During the divorce proceedings, the initiator of the divorce may require sharing of property between the spouses. In this case, he needs to collect additional documents. These include papers confirming the existence of a feature that is subject to division, as well as reports that show the value of the property.

If the section is subject to real estate or vehicles, then you will need a specific list of documents of title. If the spouse wants to share the furniture or appliances, then he will have to provide passports for all products and checks, which remained after their purchase. These documents should be attached to the claim together with a detailed list of property that should be divided between divorcing spouses.

A set of documents will be incomplete if a copy of the statement of claim is not attached to it since the court must send a copy to the defendant. It is important to note that during a divorce with the division of property, the amount of state duty will be higher. Its size increases, based on the total price of things that the initiator of the divorce wants to award to himself.

But in every case, there are some nuances and pitfalls. If you want peace, you need to prepare for war.

How to properly divorce

They say if you want to see the real face of the person you loved, you need to divorce him. A joke is a joke but in most cases the way it is: people, having broken off relations, become real enemies. That is why men think about the question: “How to divorce my wife?” – or instead, how to tell her correctly about it.

The conversation will be severe, and of course, not everyone can dare it. The scandal will be. And an adequate response to the words of divorce should not be expected. Therefore, if the attempt fails, then you should not be surprised. Also, there is a plus that facilitates the answers to the question of how to divorce a wife. You can file for divorce and without the consent of your wife. This practice does not bring problems. Still, even if the decision was made to divorce your wife without her permission, there will be some nuances. You should know about it.

Pitfalls of Divorce

Court or registry office? Marriage can be terminated through the registry office at any time when each spouse believes that it is impossible to continue living together. The desire, as well as the reasons for a divorce, are indicated in a statement. But there is an exception when a wife does not consent to this procedure. Of course, in this case, the question arises: “Then how to divorce a wife, not through the registry office?” A court will come to the rescue. Then the process of divorce will take a more extended amount of time, since the reasons for the dissolution of the relationship, as well as the presence of children and the living conditions of the family,  will be clarified. Another court will give a term that will go to the reconciliation of the spouses. It will be possible to divorce your wife when the fact of the impossibility of the spouses living in the same apartment and the destruction of their relationship as a couple will be proved.

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