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Divorce in Indiana is becoming more common in our times, increasing annually in quantity. According to statistics, more than half of marriages break up, and some young families live together for no more than five years in 30% of cases. This is a theatrical moment in the lives of both participants in the marriage, which causes severe stressful situations, especially if there are children.

Experiences in rare cases end well, and often it all goes much further. By itself, the process of divorce can be quite long, but you can learn by consulting with professionals how to file for divorce, and in general, how to divorce without problems.

Causes and reasons for divorce in Indiana

The application for divorce is the last drop in the life of families who want to disperse on different sides of life, and there can be a lot of reasons for this:

•    treason;

•    an undeveloped sense of duty and care;

•    orientation to individuality and uniqueness;

•    problems with money and various addictions: slot machines, bets, and others.

They can also predetermine a divorce and a variety of motives that often lead to a divorce application.

What documents are needed, how to get them for free, and how can I file for divorce?

In this section, we will talk about how to file for divorce in the nearest or suitable office of the registry office, where, with a final decision, you should immediately make an entry for a particular time – an appointment with the inspector. At the moment, you can sign up through an online service (Internet site) in Indiana state, which significantly simplifies and saves time.

In the questionnaire it is necessary to fill in everything correctly, select a convenient time and choose a registry office that corresponds to the registration of one of the spouses. An up-to-date list of all civil registry offices can be viewed on the official website of the state registration service.

However, you can not just bring the documents for divorce, wait a bit and get what you want. First, it is necessary to take into account some features of the whole process, after which, specifying which documents are required for a divorce, decide on such details:

•    having the consent of both voluntarily sever the relationship;

•    Having children complicates the process somewhat because even with full permission to the divorce, the case will be brought to court. If children are not joint or have reached the age of majority, everything will be relatively simple and will be limited to resolving this issue in the registry office;

•    if there are missing and incapacitated people, the registry office inspector may accept a statement of divorce.

Many consider it inappropriate to apply to the issues of division of property, and other details are resolved, but this is not the case – if there is agreement on both sides, then all the organizational problems can be determined after or during the divorce process. However, this has its nuances, and it is best to think carefully about all details before filing a divorce.

So, if all the additional features, details and time are fixed, it is necessary to appear in the registry office accurately and without delay and be sure to have the following documents with you for divorce:

•    passports;

•    identification codes;

•    marriage registration certificate.

No further documents are required, except if one of the spouses cannot appear for filing. Here it is necessary to certify the signature of the application at the notary, and the second spouse will provide it to the inspector. When deciding a question through the court, the following documents are added to the main list of materials for divorce:

•    copies of the birth certificate of the child or all the joint children;

•    declaration of income;

•    agreement on children’s living conditions.

 The procedure for divorce in Indiana is as follows. It is necessary to double-check everything to avoid mistakes or misprints, and also to verify all data from documents. This information will be contained in the divorce certificate, and the presence of errors in the official report is unacceptable. Replacing this document with the correct one may take even more time than the whole divorce process; therefore, first of all, before signing it is necessary to double-check everything.

To get all the necessary documents for divorce, you can apply for consultation with professionals.

Types of divorces in Indiana

The divorce process in Indiana is a complicated process of ending and breaking family relationships, which is divided into the following main types:

Actual – involves the termination of relations, but without real and official confirmation. That is, the spouses may not have the time and desire to deal with documents, go to the registry office or are not sure of their decision and hope to resume a great time together. In this course of events, there may be disagreements about significant purchases that have a high price. The court will be able to take note that, even though the couple did not live together, the typical household was run by both spouses, with possible evidence from several witnesses;

Economic – property relations exist in every marriage because the family involves income and acquisitions of both spouses. All financial flows from a single family budget, which is spent on the common good or for specific purposes.

The only thing that cannot be divided is gifts or inheritance, and for the rest, there is a marriage contract for a long time that will help settle the property regime. Also, with the help of the law, child support can be obtained, even without an official divorce process.

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